Martial art- the passion of a combat sport

25 May

kim_jumpThe internal meaning of the Martial Arts is “art of Mars” where Mars is the god of war in roman. It is a Latin word. Now a day Martial art is generally used in the sense of fighting. But in the year of 1550, it was a tradition of combat practices. I saw people who are much interested to learn martial arts. It becomes a fashion to learn. It is the inspiration of Jackie Chan. From childhood itself parents are taking their child to the karate class; they want to see them as a white belt or a black belt. After watching the action movies the kids become interested in martial art. They have started to see the martial art as a fighting.
One day while travelling I met one kid who wore a white karate dress and was practicing his steps. Suddenly he asked me whether he is looking like Jackie Chan or not. He asked me whether I have seen the movie named The Karate Kid or not. Most probably he was maximum 6 or 7 years old. I got surprised to see him and his sudden questions. And I realized that day, how much martial art has taken the place. It is about a small kid. Now you people think that how much young people are affected by this.

That was about the karate. One more martial art which is renowned as wrestling becomes very famous between the teenagers. The television channel WWE is famous for wresting. Maximum all teenagers use to watch it daily. And sometimes they are trying to practice those. It could be more dangerous. Unknowingly the kids are affected by those steps. So it is a request for the parents if you saw any kind of this activity please stop your child. Make them learn the Martial Art then allow them to do those.

I request those people who are suffering from bone problem or a lack of patience or need to do meditation martial arts can work as a very good medicine for these problems.


The unarmed methods
Martial art is categorised in grappling, strikes and hybrid which is a mixture of both strikes and grappling. Strikes are used for boxing, punching, kicking etc. And the other uses of striking are karate, sanshou and the other styles. Grappling is used for judo, wrestling, throwing, sambo and etc.

Weapon based methods

Train arm combat, pole arms, melee weapons, bladed weapons are the traditional Martial Arts. They all are weapon based martial arts.

Modern history of martial art:

Starting of 19th century martial art became famous for boxing and fencing as sports in European countries. In Japan it became famous for the modern forms of karate and judo.
In 20th century International Boxing Association is established. During World War II martial art took its own place. Then by slowly it became famous in Hollywood and Asian martial art movies. Most of the American martial art movies are Asian derived.
Now a day martial art got its popularity by the competitions like UFC and Pride. Jackie Chan and Jet Li spread the Chinese martial art through the movies.
Application of martial art:

Medical uses:

In Asiatic countries martial art is very renowned for the medical uses. Doctors prescribe martial art for the bone settings other aspects of traditional medicine.

Spiritual uses:

In Japan, Korea martial art is used for meditation, calm mind, empty mind, beginner’s mind etc. In the monasteries monks and nuns are used martial art for many purposes. Hindu- Buddhist culture it is very famous.

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List of popular styles of martial arts

12 Mar

Martial_Arts_in_Hue.jpg_3311752008_2_S_1Define martial arts
Do you know the meaning of Martial arts? Martial arts are the traditional system of fighting which are practices for various reasons that is self defense, physical health, and metal exercise or for competitions etc. And do you know the actual meaning of term ‘martial’? The term martial comes from the name of MAR’S who was known as the roman god of war.
Martial art is a kind of physical exercise which helps to increase the physicalstrength of a person and also provides confidence to every individual to handle anytypeof situation which occurs in yourday to day life. Not only this it also helps to create a very strong connection of mind and body. Thus the usefulness of martial art is limitless.

How many types of martial art are practiced?

There are many styles of martial arts which are popular among the citizen some of them are as follows:
 Kick Boxing: It is one of the best and popular styles of martial art which is performed by many citizens. Kick boxing generally based on kicking and punching. This style was originated at Japan in 1960’s. There are many shoots of kick boxing but the famous among them is Muay Thai. Kick boxing is practiced for self defense, physical fitness, or for competitions etc.
 Hapkido: This martial art is originated in South Korean. Kicks, punches, joint lock are the popular attack of hapkido martial art. Sword, rope, staff etc are generally used as weapon in practicing this martial art.
 Judo: This art is also a modern and popular martial art. In Japan it was originated in 1982. The main aim of judo is to throw the other opponent in the ground then the force the person withfullstrengthto submit him with a joint lock then continuously doing physical attack on him. These are the parts of judo. The person who practices judo is called judoka.
 Karate: This martial art is developed in Okinawa, Japan. Punching, kicking, and strikes by hand all these are the part of karate. The main focus of karate is to defeat the other opponent. Generally it is very much popular now a days in every country. This special art is performed for self defense or for competition etc.
 Kung fu: Kung fu means skill development that is achieving any difficult task through hard work, dedication etc. This style is very much popular in all over the word but mainly it was originated in China. This style is also performed for maintaining physical fitness, connecting body-mind and it also strengthen your body. This style is difficult to learn but if you learn it with dedication then this difficult task seems to be easy.

Some popular equipments of martial art

There are many popular martial arts equipmentsome of them are as follows:
 Karate chest guard
 Karate gear
 Karate gloves
 Karate shoes
 Nun chucks
 Ninja sai
 Bo staff
 Boxing gloves
 Protective gear
 Boxing shoes
 Punching bag
 Boxing ring

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Martial art- Good workout for your kids

11 Jan

savior-martial-arts-photosWhat is martial art?

Martial art is a skill that can be easily applied for self defense. The meaning of martial is military thus it is a military act that can be applied in warfare whenever it is required. The term martial comes from the name of MAR’S who was known as the roman god of war. Martial art is a kind of physical exercise which helps to increase the physical capability of a person and also provides self confidence to every individual to handle day to day situations. Not only this it also helps to create a very strong connection of mind and body. Thus the usefulness of martial art is limitless.

Do you know martial art is beneficial for kids as well?

Obviously, martial arts are very much helpful for kids as well. Thus here are some of the following points which will show how martial art is the important for kids in their growing years:
 Increase self confidence: Martial art helps to build self confidenceand self esteem of your child in their growing years. It also helps to handle every situation in their life whenever it occurs. Thus it is also a great advantage of martial art.
 Martial art maintains physical fitness: As martial art is a physical exercise it helps to maintain the fitness of your child. Physical fitness helps to increase immune system of their body to fight against the germs thus your child can remain fit by practicing martial art.
 Increase focus: Martial art plays an important role for increasing focus of your child. It is important for those children who have limited attention. It helps your children to increase focus on a particular task without any distraction. Thus this advantage is very much important for your kids.
 Improve mind to body connection: Practicing martial art helps to improve mind to body connection. It increases the intelligence power of your child which helps them to identify good things and bad things in their life thus it is also advantageous
 Martial art helps for proper balance and posture: There is no need of personal trainer, or going to gym again and again this is because martial art helps to reduce weight within very few months. Martial art is a physical exercise which burns maximum calories and bring proper posture and balance body of your child thus it helps to reduce weight and attractive posture.

Thus Martial arts are beneficial in many ways not only for children but also for the adults. Hence you must practice martial art in your life time.

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